Neighborhood Improvement Programs

Neighborhood Improvement Projects offered through the City of South Bend's Division of Engineering:

  • Curb and Sidewalk Program *
    The Department of Public Works offers a cost-share reimbursement program for the replacement of existing curbs and sidewalks for homes within the City limits. Reimbursement forms must be returned to the Street Department 731 S. Lafayette Blvd, by November 20, 2017. 

  • Downspout Disconnect Program **
    Some older homes have downspouts that drain rainwater from gutters into the ground, which goes through the combined sewers.  On heavy rain days, these combined sewers cause overflows, called CSOs.  To help protect the environment and local waterways, the City of South Bend offers a free annual summer program to disconnect those downspouts, cap the drainway, and add an extension to the downspout so the water drains into your yard instead of the combined sewer.  Work on this project is performed during the summer months only. 
  • Lamppost Lighting Project **
    If you own a home or neighborhood business located in a residential section within the City of South Bend, we would like to share the opportunity with you to purchase a yard lamppost for your home.

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