Lost or Found Pets

Have you lost your pet?

Check out our Twitter page to keep up to date on all the animals coming into SBACC or have been reported lost or found! All tweets are generated automatically when the staff enter the incoming lost/found reports or animals into the database at the shelter.

Even if you are not a City resident, call us to file a lost or found report.

We check all incoming pets for identification, tags, tattoos, microchips, etc.  However, even if your pet was wearing some sort of identification and your pet is missing, you should still walk through our kennels to look for your pet.

Lost your pet?

  • Contact us immediately for assistance at 574.235.9303
  • Online lost and found pet sites: Report your pet missing or look for your lost pet at these websites. Provide pictures if you can.
    • Michiana Missing Dog Network (Facebook)
    • Lost and Found Pets of Michiana (Facebook)
    • South Bend Lost and Found Pets (Facebook)
    • Craig's List lost and found (WITH CAUTION)
    • Craig's List "Pets"- (WITH CAUTION) as some people try to sell found animals
  • Check your local newspaper lost and found listings
  • WALK THROUGH your local shelters at least every two days! Calling is not practical- you must walk through and check for your pet!
    • Humane Society of St. Joseph County
      2506 Grape Road, Mishawaka - across from Kmart.
      Handle all of St. Joseph County; except for within City of South Bend.
    • South Bend Animal Care and Control
      521 Eclipse Place South-Bend - by Kennedy Park and School
  •  Download Lost Pet Report

Found a pet?

  • Call us to file a found report at 574.235.9303
  • Bring the animal into the shelter to be scanned for a microchip.
  • Check lost/found columns in local newspapers.
  • Place an add in local newspapers: South Bend Tribune 574.235.6000.
  • If you wish to keep the animal, you still must contact us to file a found report and get the animal scanned for a microchip.
  • If you cannot - or do not - wish to keep the pet while trying to locate the owner, you may not give it away. Call us for pick-up so that we may attempt to find the owner.
  • Download Found Pet Report

Things to remember:

  • Keep identification on your pet at all times
  • Keep your residence information current with us