Fire Pits

Fire pits are allowed in the city limits.

You may have a pit fire as long as:

  • Clean fire wood is burned
  • Fire is not offensive to the neighbors and the neighborhood*
  • Someone over 18 years old is watching it
  • Fire extinguishing means are available at the site

*If there are complaints about the fire, and the Fire Department determines the fire is offensive, you will be asked to extinguish the fire.


  • You cannot burn past sunset
  • Fire needs to be out completely by sunset

A screen lid is preferred if it comes with the pit.  

Note: these are outdoor pits only- not 55 gallon drum fires.

City Ordinances:

Sec. 9-20.  - Types of burning prohibited.

(a)No person shall start, kindle, cause, allow or maintain any form of leaf burning or rubbish or trash burning on private or public property, except as specifically authorized by this Code.

(b)No person shall burn or cause to be burned, any leaves, grass, tree limbs, branches, paper, rubbish or trash, upon any street, alley or sidewalk within the City.

Sec.9-24 - Citations.

(a) Any person found in violation of this article shall be subject to the following procedures. The Department of Code Enforcement, Fire Department, or Police Department personnel shall:

(1) Issue a citation to the violator imposing a one hundred dollar ($100.00) fine for each violation.

(b) Each subsequent starting, kindling, causing, or allowing of a new fire after a citation has been issued, shall be considered a separate offense for which a citation may be issued.