FAQ - Engineering

How do I obtain special parking in front of my home?

  • If you are interested in obtaining a permit-only parking area along your street, please contact the Division of Engineering at 574.235.9251 or download the Residential Parking Petition.  This application includes a signature sheet for your neighbors.  You must obtain 2/3 of your block's signatures prior to returning your application.  A traffic study of your area will be conducted and a recommendation made to the Board of Public Works.  You will be notified by letter of their decision.  Please note that reserved parking is utilized only when there is a large school or employer in your area that prevents residents from being able to park on their own street.

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I need an address for a new home. Who can give me this information?

  • Please call the Permits Manager at 574.235.9254 to have an address assigned within City limits. 

    The County Surveyor assigns addresses outside City limits. The Surveyor can be reached at 574.235.9626.

The sidewalk in front of my property is heaved up because of the tree roots. Who can come out and fix it?

  • The property owner is responsible for maintaining and replacing the sidewalk, treelawn and curbs adjacent to your home.  However, we do have a curb and sidewalk program to assist property owners with that cost.  Please contact the Engineering Department at 574-235-9251 for more information on that program.

What are the guidelines for placing trees in the treelawn?

  • Please call the City Forester at 574.235.4766 for information regarding the placement of trees in the treelawn.

Where do I go for a sewer or water tap?

  • The Division of Engineering processes sewer taps and water permits.  Please call 574.235.9254 for more information. 

    Water Works Engineering processes water tap permits.  Please call 574.235.9279 for more information.

Where do I obtain a Permit for Excavation, Curb and Sidewalk work or to place a dumpster in the right-of-way?

  • Please call the Division of Engineering's Permits Manager for these permits at 574.235.9254.

Where do I obtain Handicapped Accessible Parking Signs?

Who do I contact for permission to place a sign, canopy or awning on my building?